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donations and home owners will not be able to deduct their interest, and this area, nobe. north oakland, berkeley and emeryville. >> one business owner says the name nobe may be young and new and fresh but the old name is fine. residents would like this area to remain the golden gate district of north oakland. >> amelia has lived in the north oakland house for 30 years. >> this is a long-standing north oakland community being swallowed up by real estate agents. reporter: she does not like the idea that real estate agents and brokers are selling her neighborhood as nobe. north oakland, berkeley, and emeryville, she says it's a plan to sanitize the year and boast prices. >> we're being a pawn right now in this game of real estate prices and people wanting to think of oakland as only the bad news they see at shootings. >> five shootings in oakland on saturday that left one person dead does nothing for oakland's identity as a destination. real estate brokers say the name change just reflects the revitalization of this area of the city. new restaurants, easy access to transportation, and old
and another driver are in critical condition. >>> take a look at this stuck car on shepherd canyon in oakland. peter sent us this picture this morning via you -- ureports. and said good samaritans rescued the driver, and check out this road. the road has since been cleared. e-mail your photos to us at >>> one big problem all across the bay area tonight, toppled trees. take a look as this huge tree that came crashing down in san francisco. lillian kim is in the neighborhood where it all happened. lillian? reporter: the people who live here got quite a square this morning when this large tree came crashing down just after 8:00. this is the top of the treatment it actually came from a home two doors down. so three sets of fences have been damaged. downed trees could be found all over san francisco today. the city received 40 calls of either large downed trees or fallen limb. we found two trouble spots on oak street but neither as serious at the tree that came down on walnut street. it pulled up part othe sidewalk and damaged a car parked on the street. >> obviously disappoint
-old girl with autism. oakland was missing for three days last week. the girl walked from an oakland group home, she was found three days later beaten and riding a bus in san francisco. the girl is recovering with her family now. police have not offered details on at rest. that investigation continues officials at the group home are relieved and thankful she is safe. >> we're just very pleased there has been an apprehension. we're so pleased that the community responded the way it did. and we look to participate with the police in any way that we can. >> police did not give any description of the suspect in custody or what that person is charged with. >> police are on the lookout for two people who firped shots forcing a school to go on lock down. police believe it started as a home invasion on coolidge avenue. neighbors reported hearing several shots. two people seen running off. they have not said whether anyone was injured two chp officers are recovering after flipping their patrol car. the chase of a suspected speeder began about 3:30 this morning on eastbound 580 at isabel avenue. off
information oakland police about the horrible case of a missing autistic girl found beaten and sexual assaulted. abc 7 news just left the news conference. allen? >> police say the guy was a stranger who took advantage of a 16-year-old girl considered at risk and on the autistic spectrum. the 36-year-old arrested and charged with kidnapping three counts of rape and performing lewd acts on a child. last tuesday, the young girl walked away from her group home in oakland and ended up near the fruit veil bart station. she is believed to have come in contact with atkinson. she was found on a san francisco muni train alone, and scared. the police would not say how she ended up in san francisco, and where she was during the time she went missing. the police chief would only say this. >>. >> this is one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career, someone, as mr. atkinson can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> we're told the girl is no longer staying at that group home, police say gary atkinson arrested near the same station where the girl disappeared. police say they used su
and they are asking for help in solving this murder. >> so sad. thank you. >> the police chiefs of oakland ask san francisco calling a weekend gun buy back a small victory in the face of the rampage. the buy back took 600 guns off the street. 300 in oakland, 300 in san francisco. held on saturday nights just hours after the nas masa ker. >> we want to continue partnership in these groups on the heels of what took place friday shows the community very concerned about vishlgs people beginning to take action to reduce violence in this city. >> oakland mayor says she's hoping to hold another buy back soon because many people showed up on saturday, they ran out of money. >> there was just enough rain z÷ umbrellas open and puddle dodging going on near union square this afternoon. sandhya patel is here now to let us know. >> i would hang onto it. live doppler 7 hd showing you we do have showers left, really host of these winding down. there is mountain view area is just starting to wind down. now, into5u route 88 and 4. 80 not requiring controls, winter storm warning is going until midnight tonight. so
shooting in oakland today. all about the same time the police chief and city's mayor are trying to bring in some top cops to brief up crime fighting strategies. there will be a return to community policing. chief howard jordan wants to hire policemangers to act as consultants.e bill bratten is going to lead the team with vaughn waserman from boston. >> we'll give him recommendations to make sure that they're implementing it. it's my responsibility. >> this after a jauj agreed to have a court appointed director oversee the police department. the oakland city council going to complete in january to consider that plan. and coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 abc 7 news's nick smith looks into how much this duo will cost the city. >> a church is trying to show young people alternatives to the kind of activities that can get them into trouble. allen? >> this may look like average lock in. but this is the second time they've had a big event like this for kids. it's one of the outlets for good, clean fun in oakland. they're expecting about 800 kids from ages 6-18 forñq&7%p night of face painting,
already. san francisco 51. oakland, 56. 51 in mountain view. 49 in san jose and los gatos. here's a look at our forecast. we will go with some more cold temperatures overnight. definitely get ready for inland frost. clouds and a little cool for our new year's eve. just a few patchy clouds out there. no reason in the accuweather forecast. most of the rain will stay off the coast and then we'll bring on the sunshine for the first day of the new year on tuesday. you can see the closeup satellite, we're clear inland. a few high clouds from north to south thanks to a strong jet stream, and also cold northerly winds. so these winds should die down tonight, giving way to cold temperatures, temperatures north and east bay locations, hovering near the freezing mark, even dropping below that in accept rosa, so 30-degree thrvmentz 43 in san francisco, 39 in recommend. oak learned 38. palo alto, 36. san jose, 35. livermore, down to 29 degrees. if you have any sensitive plants, you may want to cover them, bring them in, and don't forget about the pets. here's the setup for at least the first part of
gun violence, the oakland and san francisco police departments will buy weapons for cash on saturday like they did at this event last june. residents will get $200 per gun or rifle. in oakland, the program will be held at saint benedict's church in sabfran at the omega boys club. in both, it is from 10:00 a.m. to three 3:00 p.m. on saturday. to find the addresses, go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> we have learned the name of the woman who abandoned her new-born baby in san francisco because she is charged with a crime. police tell us, 39-year-old nanecka nash will be aporing in court tomorrow on one felony count of willful cruelty and one misdemeanor count of fail tower care for a charge. nash is from the bayview district. she gave birth to the child on the street and handed that baby boy over to a man. the baby is recovering in san francisco general hospital. >> lthe bay area housing market is headed toward normalcy, that's according to industry analyst data quick. 7200 new and existing homes were sold last month, down from october, but up 15 1/2 percent from a year a
to protect children. this is a parent with kids attending oakland schools. he fears students will get the wrong message. >> that you're not safe anywhere. and that the only safety you have comes from outside, someone else willing to wave a gun around. >> oakland unified has a small police force costing millions of dollars. jody london is a school board member. >> i've got 90 schools in oakland, on guard at every school. some campuses are large. how much is that going to cost? >> he agrees it misses a few high schools here have yielded results. >> we've had no shootings or gun related incidents since deploying police officers starting four years ago. >> four years ago, richmond high was the scene of a brutal gang he rape. cram asks officers were added. jim roger saz parent and vice mayor of richmond and on the fence. >> advantage would be prapts in cases that when shootings do occur, police officers could respond to it. cuú this has opened up the discussion of how to keep kids safe at schools. >> a man accused of shooting and killing two teen-aged girls in oaklandfhvu appeared in cour
skies is good news for an event tonight. nick smith joins us live now from oakland. >> it starts, then stops. here in jack london square, everyone is looking to see how long this break will last. today it's about the rain. most focused on condition, traffic and freeways. you have to say, slow down. >> runnoff from rainfall creating big ponds in areas of downtown. the intersection became a virtual lake. water so high, it parked parking spaces. with the sidewalks covered in rain this, woman appeared to be bafld by how to get around it. so she just stood there. ankle deep in rain water. 880 was a wet mess. heavy rain creating stop and go traffic and a sea of brake lights. this accident one of many witnessed in the span of only two hours. spots on the highway often flood quickly. a new set of challenges for crews. assigned to keep storm drains clear. >> we have to make sure they're not being plugged by mud, leaves or litter. >> 300 cameras caltrans had a busy day monitoring traffic. the dots kailt problem areas where traffic is stopped. there is a mudslide in fremont brought traffic
went from half a million to $2 million most taken from car break ins in san francisco and oakland. police got a break in this case last month. an auto burglary at this parking garage was caught on video leading police to this apartment in san francisco tender loin. they made three arrests. >> we believe that this ring is a smaller part of a bigger ring. that we've put a dent in person that's break into car autos taken into custody 24-year-old brothers victor and henry gamboa and a 23-year-old facing felony charges. what you see is just a portion but photos have been taken of everything. from a louie vuitton backpack police believe the suspects used to stash the victim electronics to lap tops, tools. we have a link on our web site showing the stolen goods. if you have identifying information you can recover your things. district attorney hopes this stash will be a warning for everyone this time of the year.[ha >> this is a holiday period. many of the things were taken because they were ease dwree grab. >> and again, if you would wo like to take a look you can go to our web site. l
in antioch down to 59 in san jose. and you can see milder readings around oakland, fremont and redwood city into low 60s, chilly tonight. watch out for patchy valley fog. conditions sunday. then, cooler mid week with a chance of showers. so radar will be tracking a storm again by the middle of the week.wyvo7 check out cold temperatures down to 36 degrees in napa. like this morning. 35 in santao/!y rosa.pzt 37 in fairfield. bundle up if you have plans tomorrow, it's going to be cold. and of course, watch out for fog. high pressure controls weather. plenty of sunshine, occasionally clouds. this is what you'll are to worry b fog is spilling over towards north and east bay valleys. so watch fourt patchy valley fog. tomorrow afternoon, 62 in san jose. 64 los gatos. beautiful day. high clouds, half moon bay, 60 degrees. 61 in downtown san francisco. 61 in san rafael. 63, oakland. and much like today, inland, 62 in danville. wispy clouds. 60s in carmel. 63 in morgan hill, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and i hope you like what you see. a little bit milder than saturday. mid to upper
tree caused thousands of dollars in damage to a home in oakland hills. the pine was in a neighbor's yard, also long enough to reach a roof top. the person there was sleeping at the time. >> what a spectacular day today. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here now with the story. >> major changes coming. showing you a live picture now, i'll show you whailt looks like fromwzd our camera. we have clear skies three high temperatures. we have two other records to show you. let's check out another live picture from our camera. it's a beautiful view right now. clear skies and 38 degrees. there as early as wednesday. let's check out high temperatures today, oakland, downtown, record temperatures 72 degrees. it was 68 in santa rosa, napa. san francisco, 65. san jose, 68. this is changing. you'll be seeing changes, not yet. we do have our own radar this, is going to be busy in upcoming days. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s are falling and we're in for another cool night. here is the forecast. rain tomorrow night. going into wednesday. snowcz possible about 3500 feet, locally over the peaks. it
in sandy hook elementary. >> todayr7ç the community in oakland came together during a special mass for victims of the sandy hook shooting. nick smith is live from the cathedral dral of christ the light church near lake merit. nick? >> good evening. it was a moving and respectful ceremony designed to pay tribute to those that lost their lives on friday in newtown, connecticut. >> the archbishop led the mass. >> that as we weep for brothers and sisters take it from us by a sudden, violent death. >> 200 faithful listened he spoke of the need for prayer. young, old looking to each other and above for answers a wreath in memory of sandy hook elementary was hung, names of the victims, read aloud. those i spoke with say the tragedy made them feel spiritually connected. they were here to heal. >> just enkurmt to the families of those that lost their loved ones. and just to know that god is still the head of our lives. >> it helps us support others through our faith that. is why we came today. hoping that the theme of love and words of heavenly peace will do just that to a community still f
at the airports in oakland and san jose. >> some people like the stormy watches, we'll take you up to tahoe. >> keep the clubs at home. the rain put a big damper on this man's weekend plays. live doppler 7hd showing scattered showers. you can track all our winter storms at any time at >> ama: taking a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge there are breaks in the clouds but the roads are still wet. you can get weather alerts through our twitter feed and leigh is tracking the storm and will bring you an update in a few minutes. >>> the storm brought a lot of snow to the tahoe area. skiered and boarders are thrilled. this is video from earlier today of heavenly mountain. from the resorts sports network camera. up to five feet of snow is expected in the higher elevations of the sierra nevada. here's a live look at the heavenly cam. chains are required for all vehicles except for those with four-wheel drive. >> look out for this water hazard. you're looking at you report video shot from the 1st hole at the winthrop golf club. that is when you could still see some of the
that might, this might have a big impact on wh. to refer them for services. >> in oakland, administrators say they're trying to give out information without drama tiesing it and trying to reassure students they have many people looking out for them. >> so, once again air, shooting massacre rekindling long running debate in this country, being talked about with renewed vigor in sacramento tonight. we're live with both sides of the issue. nannette? >> the brady campaign ranks california as having the strictest concontrol laws in the country. advocates are seizing on the moment, state senator considering reintro dugs a bill. governor brown ordered flags at the california state capitol to be flown at half staff calling the tragedy a heart breaking loss. 23 years ago california had a scoot skool shooting in stockton. fived kids left dead. that spark]af aid move nmt california that resulted in the strongest gun laws in the country. >> i think it hit home the imance of strengthening our laws and spurred action. >> the brady campaign credits california strong gun laws for making it safer on streets.
here heading out towards oakland, light rain on the bay bridge. sprinkles showing up in oakland. not all is reaching the ground. some is he vap rate brigt hits ground. keep umbrellas around. temperatures, it's getting cold out there. this afternoon, cold only into mid-40s here are the high temperatures, so cold and you can see here 45 in san rafael. here are the forecast highlights, light rain tonight. morning showers saturday, snow possible above 3,000 feet here. looking at cold, frosty conditions. here is a look at satellite and radar. this is a system. some of you may escape without rain but we're going to go with light rain on this sits tim heading into southern california. you can see the rain along the coastline. at 5:00 p.m. more advancement of the rain into some inland valleys. midnight, there is rain and continuing around mount st. helena. just scattered showers for your saturday. and thenx, by afternoon, perhaps an isolated shower or two over the hills. it will be done, over with by saturday afternoon, rainfall estimates of from about a tenth to a quarter inch across m
field a tenth of an inch. oakland, 600. san jose rngs 7/100ths. looking here just about a third of an inch. half moon bay in the santa cruz mountains so just about what we had expected. in sierra nevada snow is winding down. chain controls still in place so if you're trfling keep that in mind. temperatures now are falling. it's getting cold. 47 in santa rosa. it's down to 48 in concord, cold, frosty we're looking at sunny skies tomorrow. but still cool and a chance of showers on friday. that is not our only chance as far as rain is concerned. tomorrow morning it will start out cold down to freezing in santa rosa. 33 in napa. 37 in vallejo. when waking up in the morning make sure you grab a coat. 38 in san jose. 38 degrees in half moon bay. looking at satellite and radar this is a front that came through. now that cold air is coming in. this combined with clearing skies will lead to the cold night. high tides of the year taking place now. this is king tides. over seven feet tomorrow morning. and friday morning seven feet so watch out for more flooding issues. it's a cool one. low
. in the oakland hills, a tree came crashing down without any warning. >> i see this tree coming down and my heart just sank. >> at nearly 80 feet in height and weighing close to a ton, the tree slammed across the canyon road with another pressure and density to crush anything beneath it. the force from the branches caved part of his car's roof and rid ripped off his side view mirror. the damage an eerie reminder of what could have been. >> pretty lucky. >> heavy rains, saturated hillside, weak root system. >> reporter: firefighters from station 24 quickly cleared the tree using multiple saws to attack it from different angles. if in a show of true holiday spirit, motorists that were not allowed to pass offered a help helping hand. proving that nothing is too big to move when you work together. >> that was a true sign of holiday spirit. now, the break in the rain is only temporary. according to weather team, we could see more rain in the days to come. further weakening already weak root systems. >> dan: that is what we can expect. thanks so much. in east palo alto, folks are mopping up from a floo
hug and that's what volunteers from the hunting happiness project were delivering at the oakland farmers market today. as a visitor who browsed in jack london square, they were hit with random acts of kindness. hugs and high fives or encouraging words, small gestures that make a big difference. >> hugs can help you get through the day. i think that's something that is meaningful. >> it's nice to reach out and just be nice. something we need to do more of, i think. >> ama: the volunteers at the booth also wrote notes of inspiration, encouraging others to step up and spread the good will. >>> coming up, a look at who will likely be the next secretary of defense. plus, republicans agree to give up a little more in the fiscal cliff debate. we we'll look at their new [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. festive like champagne, and tastes great! oh my god, him dance? he shoulhave you seen his shoes? they look like, they
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